Several years ago, things changed. You see up until then superheroes were only in comics and movies, but that was before. Something happened or had been going on for years, and now there are people with these weird abilities. There are even some animals that have grown more human and…. well, they are just crazy. Some of them help, but others are out for themselves, just like you and me.

The government has enacted the Mutant Board of Registration to keep tabs on any new “freaks”. The latest law to protect the public is the Mutant Identification Act. It requires that all babies be tested for mutated DNA. All mutants were given a year to voluntarily turn themselves in… so they could be identified. Anyone who does not get registered is considered a class III offender if they commit a crime. This means you get hard time in a federal prison with no chance of probation.

As bad as that sounds, people have gone nuts. Some people are really afraid of the “muties”. Others really hate them and there are some serious whackos out there. Several people have been beat up by mobs of “psychos”. Others have been stabbed, shot, some have been killed, and I even heard of one poor slob who burned alive.

There are some good guys out there trying to keep the peace. MBR, the Mutant Board of Registration, has granted police powers to some of their agents, who have been given some pretty radical gear. You know, crap that wasn’t supposed to exist, probably alien hardware that the fricken feds have been hiding away for years. These guys round up the unregistered mutants, but they are pretty cool, or at least that is what I used to think.

With names like Federal Express, Screaming Eagle, Ironsides, and of course National Defense…I mean they are a little over the top, just a little too cheesy. But, you know they are good at their job. I would hate to be on their “to do” list.

With all the hysteria, it makes life a fricken adventure these days. That is why I moved here to Centerville, Arkansas. Most places make life difficult for mutants, the police harassing them, but here the authorities realized that the best defense against “the mutant menace” is a mutant. So the people here are more accepting, and I can fit in.

Centerville Crusaders

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